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strategy for Roulette at Online Casinos

Most Popular Roulette Strategies

Online poker has seen an exponential growth in recent months, and associated with other poker games such as roulette online have had an increase of players, and like all other online games should always be taken into account some strategy game!

Most Popular Roulette Strategies at Online Casinos

I will now outline some strategies used to play Roulette! But beware when they play in mind that they must play the American roulette and not European because it has an extra zero which in the long term will decrease your Probability!



1.Martingale Strategy:


This strategy is the oldest and most well known of, based on the probability of losing an infinite number of times, this strategy is also used for other types of games such as blackjack. With the Martingale system start by betting one unit and each time they get around to posting a unit, on the other side in case of loss doubles the bet and folds consecutively until it turns to win the bet, and after that back up again to post a unit, I leave a video below which gives a practical example of using this system, using the bet in two different colors.

Video I: "How to use the Martingale strategy while playing Roulette"


2. RadarKadafi Strategy:


The method is simple and applies to the Roulette 0.1-10 €.

A) invest € 0.4 in the range [1 to 12] and € 0.6 in the range [19 to 36]

A.1 If income < € 6 start either win or lose;

A.2 If income> € 6 start to earn € 2 bet to lose in the range [1 to 12] and € 3 in the range [19 to 36] and start either win or lose.


Mini Roulette Game


Now that you know the two most important strategies to play online roulette below there is a mini roulette game in which you can test this strategies into practice and see if the strategies listed here really work, the game is very simple, just select the chip you want to bet want to do and press "spin".




Figure I: "Mini Roulette game"

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